maximize adoption and drive impact of leading sales methodologies

Maximize Adoption and Drive Impact of Leading Sales Methodologies

With the Highspot Marketplace, bring expert sales training and content directly to Highspot. 

Infuse expertise across workflows

Surface the best expert content, training, and guidance for every selling scenario.

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infuse expertise across workflows

Integrate Expertise Across Workflows

Bring training and content from your methodology provider of choice directly to Highspot. Surface the best expertise for every deal to equip reps at the moment of action.

Reinforce Change That Sticks 

Drive training adoption in the enablement platform that reps love. Assign and track course completion and add expert resources to internal onboarding and training.

Identify and Amplify What Works

Get actionable insights into which professional skills and knowledge are fueling winning performance and reinforce success across your team. 

Quantify Business Impact

Attribute courses and lessons from your sales methodology to closed business to understand and drive investment impact.

We’ve heard from customers that the reason we won is that our sellers were able to effectively provide more value than competitors. With Highspot, reps get answers immediately, self-service the right content, and are able to both personalize and pitch it directly to buyers with visibility into how buyers engage.
JP Mantey, Director of Sales Enablement, Icertis
JP Mantey

Highspot Benefits

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A Single Source of Truth

Unify all training and enablement in the platform that reps love to provide a seamless user experience and maximize adoption. 

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AI and Actionable Insights

Connect content and training to business outcomes to surface intelligence recommendations for every sales rep and leader. 

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Unified Administration

Manage your professional content, training, and internal enablement resources in a single experience across Highspot’s natively built platform. 

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The Latest Expertise, Always

Stay on the cutting edge of strategy with notifications any time your provider releases or updates resources, and add the latest expertise to Highspot.

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