INGRID Is a Made to Measure Work-from-Home Solution

We’re still working from home – are you? Even with a dedicated home office space and ergonomically advanced desk chair, it’s easy to feel the back pain and stiffness that can result from sitting for too long. It’s been proven that the healthiest way to work is by switching between sitting and standing, and that’s where the multifunctional INGRID comes in handy.

Designed by HeijltjesAkkaya Studio, partner Simon Akkaya said of INGRID, “There was simply no space in our home for a stool on wheels or a massive desk. And with children wandering around we needed something that you could get out of the way quickly and would fit into the home, or even add to it.”

illustration of blue figure standing at a table with a laptop on a box-like structure

INGRID is a sit/stand workstation that allows you to work comfortably at home with all of the healthy benefits that come with such a setup. Even better is that it’s tailor made to fit your body and table, ensuring the perfect standing and sitting heights. All you need to do is measure your elbow height seated and standing up, plus the height of your table. HeijltjesAkkaya will turn these measurements into your very own customized INGRID. When you’re not working, INGRID can be used as a side table, nightstand, stool, or extra seat – making it a perfect choice for smaller spaces.

illustration of blue figure seated on a box-like structure pulled up to a table with a laptop

The lightweight birch plywood used to make INGRID is easy to pick up and put down, while the grid system makes it strong enough to support your weight and belongings.

“Every piece of furniture that enters a home is the result of careful consideration and negotiation. With INGRID, we wanted to create functional ‘working’ furniture that doesn’t have an office cubicle vibe,” shared Maarten Heijltjes, studio partner.

illustration of blue figure seated on a box-like structure pulled up to a table

detail of wood box-like furniture on red background

gif of woman sitting on grid stool and then standing at desk

woman standing at a dining table with a laptop on a box-like structure

man sitting on a box-like structure working on a laptop at a dining table

woman standing on a wood box-like stool to reach something in a kitchen cabinet

styled interior with a box-like lifted laptop desk and desk

styled interior with a box-like stool and desk

wood box-like side table in styled living space

wood box-like table in styled living space

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